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  In case you missed it, there were two very inspirational speeches held at two different universities recently, that I thought would interest you guys to check out! President Barack Obama spoke at the historically Black Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia a couple of weeks ago, addressing the 2013 class. Whilst, Media Mogul Oprah Winfrey, gave a commencement speech at Harvard University on May 30th. Check out both full videos after the break. :) Read the rest of this entry




What year is it again?? 1946?  1958?  1969?  Oh my bad… it’s 2013.

And regardless of how far this country has come in regards to racial equality and acceptance, there will ALWAYS be those who love to live in the past.

Hell, in the south, we still have many things including high school proms, still being segregated.

So I wasn’t surprised at all when I started to hear about the backlash of showing a loving, interracial couple on a television commercial.

The cereal company has had to remove and disable comments from the clip via YouTube because of too many vulgar, racist, and out right insane posts.  They varied from talking about ethic cleansing, to comparing certain racial groups to  troglodytes, and many many posters used the n-word, a bigot’s favorite card to pull.

Not everyone is upset about the new ad though.  Many, many supporters have took to Cherrio’s facebook page to show their support, commending them for the idea of an  interracial family in their commercials and urging them not to change their stance and take the ad off the air.

Check out the ad for yourself, after the break and tell me, it wasn’t all THAT bad, right!? Read the rest of this entry



Did you watch the Tuesday night The Have and the Have Not’s debut premiere on Oprah’s OWN network?

As a avid viewer of the cable channel, I was starting to get tired of the promos that came on at least twice at every break, so there was no way I could have forgotten when it would finally be showing on tv.  Seems that I wasn’t the only one that was brainwashed, as there was a record breaking start for the soap opera-like series  with 1.77 million viewers tuning in.

The cast includes Tika Sumpter, John Schneider, Chrystal Fox and Renee Lawless among others.

Question is:  Did those who tuned in, enjoy the first episode?? I can say honestly that I wasn’t feeling it.  And neither were some others, for example Via the LA Times:

Brian Lowry of Variety called the show “claustrophobically cheap, not to mention poorly written and indifferently acted.” He added that the show could potentially damage Winfrey’s legacy of uplift and self-empowerment.

Mary McNamara of the Los Angeles Times was even more scathing, calling the show “so awful that the awfulness appears intentional. Except that might make it interesting, and it just isn’t.”

Even the commercials seemed cheesy to me but who am I other than a part time blogger when I want to be, lol.  I wanted so bad for this show to be full of good acting and a great story-line, neither of which actually happened!  *sigh*  I enjoy me some Tyler Perry but… I digress.  Let me know what you thought about the show after the break. Read the rest of this entry

Solange in InStyle Magazine


Solange just is my favorite fashionista nowadays, the girl just cannot do any wrong. I love her hair, style, and attitude about life as well. She radiates being down to earth woman a lot more than her big sister Beyonce as well.

So, this young lady has been doing a ton of fashion photo shoots lately, including this one which was taken for InStyle magazine‘s June 2013 issue.

Check out More photos after the jump :) Read the rest of this entry



Press Release:

Next Thursday, May 30th from 7-9pm Tameka Raymond is extending an invite to Atlantans to come out for shopping, slides, drinks and fun at the fundraiser benefit for Kile’s World Foundation. The event will take place at NoCa Restaurant (1170 Canton Street) and Estella Home (1158 Canton Street) in Roswell, Georgia. All proceeds from the Estella Clearance Sale will go directly to the Foundation. Kids are invited as well to bounce and slide – courtesy of Kangazoom. Also performing is Atlanta’s premiere live music group the Jukebox Band with lead vocalist Quinn.  

In the summer of 2012, Kile Glover was only 11-years-old when a tragic jet-ski accident on Atlanta’s Lake Lanier ended his short life. Holding the memory of her beloved late son close to her heart, celebrity stylist and philanthropist Tameka Raymond set out to channel her grief into a project that would both honor his effervescent spirit and reflect his deep love of the performing arts. Staying true to its mission statement, “Gifting children with endless possibilities of creative endeavor through applied, fine and performing arts,” the goal of Kile’s World is to ensure that children have a nurturing environment where inquisitiveness is encouraged, knowledge is shared and freedom to hone their crafts is assured. Read the rest of this entry