I just came across Maia Campbell’s police booking photo from when she was arrested on the 5th of July.  If you don’t remember sista here well, she was the one who portrayed Tiffany Warren on the US television sitcom In The House.

Rumors of her suffering from a bi-polar disorder and being a drug abuser started to arrise in the media well after the death of her mother, New York Times best-seller novelist and journalist Bebe Moore Campbell died years ago.

The lastest video to show her clearly off her rocker was uploaded two months ago this year (June 2010) , and although I cannot be certain how old the video is, it is assumed to be after the intervention her family had with her earlier this year.

Lets uplift this sista in prayer.  I am not posting this to exploit her, but instead to show that we are all human, have faults and are not perfect.  Successful people can fall down too…. Obviously this woman needs help.  I hope she gets the support she needs before it is too late.

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