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This song from the 80′s was the JAAMMMM, nuff said ;-) And I’m singing it as I post!  Check out the throwback of the week, Saturday Love by Alexander O’neal and Cherelle! Read the rest of this entry

Nicki seems to have switched up on us for a football inspired wig as she sings “Right Thru Me” on the Jimmy Kimmel show.  I think Lady Gaga is rubbing off on her, big time.  Decent song that I can feel a bit, but the whole outfit and all is just out there to me…  I guess that’s what makes the world go ’round – different people!  Check out the video for yourself. Read the rest of this entry

Matt Kemp is just another cheating dog…. Ya think?

I, being cheated on recently myself, am confident in saying that I can read a man when he is full of it.  Even thousands of miles a way I could read it, and feel it.  Any woman who has been hurt by infidelity can give you tall-tell signs of when a man is cheating.  In the video below of Matt Kemp, I believe you can see some of that.  Hopefully, the difference is he will own up to what he is has been doing and be a man about it, instead of trying to avoid confrontation, place blame elsewhere or use people until he’s bored of em… unlike some other male bloggers/web designers I know.

Anyways, I’m gonna let you all be the judge, but I think something smelling like bullshyt is coming from Matt Kemp.  Today while on facebook, someone asked me if I had seen the video of Rihanna’s boyfriend brushing off some chick after noticing he was being filmed.  I said no, and took note of it to watch it later.  By time I got home tonight, I’ve seen bloggers such as Sandra Rose take on the subject. Read the rest of this entry

Clash of Covers: Rihanna & Nicole Scherzinger

Who had better camera swag, RiRi or Nicole?  Today’s Clash of covers includes Rihanna on the cover of  the British GQ and Pussycat Doll lead Nicole in Fabulous Mag.  You make the choice of who’s sexier…. and let me know whatcha think?  My thoughts?  Definitely not the overrated. Read the rest of this entry

Some of the many celebrities participating in the Keep A Child Alive’s new Buy Life, Digital Death campaign have taken photos in coffins along with their pledges not to use online social networks Twitter and Facebook until 1 million dollars is raised in support.  Check out the errie Photos, all thanks to the source NecoleBitchie. Read the rest of this entry

R. Kelly did the damn thing last night at the Soul Train Music Awards, do I have anyone who doesn’t agree?  I have often wondered where this sudden comparison of Trey Songs and R.Kelly appeared from out of no where (maybe someone can let me know), but this performanceshould shut all that talk down when you take a minute to watch it!  Kels was the definate highlight of the event’s night, in my opinion.

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