Well, I happened to be skipping along a few blogs for some minutes as I do almost every day, and tonight I read something that made my heart almost skip a beat. His biggest fans already know he has a child with his ex-wife, but… Did Idris Elba really get a stripper pregnant as well??? *key in the song “I’m in love with a stripper” right about now….*

I really don’t care what her occupation is at all, because I don’t know the reason behind it, I’m just sharing the gossip.

This is what Bossip sources are saying… According to them, Idris met The young lady above named Desiree Newberry in a club called Magic City, located in the ATL. After she got pregnant,  Elba then moved a her into his Miami home and took care of her for a a time before ultimately kicking her back out, so maybe they “broke up” (my guess).   Since her hook up with Dris, Desi has gone back to stripping to support their now 6 month old son together and is now dancing at  the King of Diamonds (KOD) in Miami, FL.

Hmmm….. I have several opinions about this that I should and will keep to myself.  This is where the stereotypes start rolling in, because I myself have been in a relationship with one of Dris’ heritage here before.  But I won’t allow myself to think that way, because its unfair, wrong, and not true for every man.   Not only that, but it’s disappointing for me to even think to put Elba in that category of no good men.

So, as of now, I’m curious to know what do you guys think of this new information?  The whole story is not out  so I’m not going to throw the book at our brother just yet, I will wait until I hear more and of course give you all the scoop..

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