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Okay, I have to admit I am getting tired of hearing everyone’s redition of “Marvin’s Room” and the videos popping up to come along with it. BUT, I had to post this particular video. Featuring Teyana Taylor, this clip is the girl’s response… And it’s entitled “Her Room.”

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I hate when people start talking stuff about others who have no way to defend themselves, smh.

Aaron Carter, the once “wholesome” pop talent that seemed to have dropped right off the face of the earth some years ago, apparently has popped back up into headlines.  New music from him?  Nope… Just allegations that Michael Jackson gave him cocaine and wine back when he was 15 years old.

Via Clevelandleader:

I never talked about it. This is the first time. I do…I miss Michael. I have spent such incredible times with him. I did things with him that nobody else did. But I was also troubled about what he did to me. Yes, he gave me wine. I mean, I could have refused, but I was 15. He gave me cocaine. I felt weird about that and other stuff. We spoke afterwards, hours and hours, on the phone. I admired Michael, but his behavior bothered me a lot. Then my mother called the police.

BTW, Aaron is backtracking from an earlier statement made in ’04, saying such things never happened.  So why now?  Can’t a man rest in peace nowadays?

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Slim Thug


What is up with the latest fad to sweep online photo albums?  Its called Planking, and involves a person laying face down, stiff as a board, with their hands on their sides, while ontop of a random object.  While I find some of the photos hilarous, the concept is wierd, and attempting to do planking on certain surfaces can down right be dangerous.  This is something you will never catch me doing.  I don’t understand it but, whatever makes a person’s boat float!

The story is that planking orginially was started in the UK, and what a surprise  when it comes to those chaps …*sarcasm.* And Recently, a man fell 7 stories to his death trying to plank on something.  Ridiculous!

Chris Brown

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Rihanna started her LOUD tour with a bang, ringing out her hits at The Staples Center in Los Angeles with her expected bright color schemes and risque dance routines.  Although CeeLo pulled out of the tour last minute, it still was a success with J Cole opening up the show for her.

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Beyonce could easily be on her way to a #1 Debut status for her new album entitled ’4′, by the end of it’s first week of official release!


Fresh off her triumph on closing night at Glastonbury,Columbia diva Beyonce’s 4 will debut at #1 next week on the HITS album chart with between 275-300k in first-week sales. Her previous album, ‘08’s multiple Grammy winning I Am… Sasha Fierce, debuted with 463k, but that was during the Q4 sales rush in November.Those figures are based on one-day sales from those music retailers around the country not augmenting their income by selling illegal fireworks out of the back door.

Final sales numbers will be released next week, and I can’t wait to see how this album did considering so many leaks and the amount of publicity that’s been done in preparation for this.  Did you buy your copy???  I did and I am loving it!!

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Beyonce’ Chats With Piers Morgan


I had a long day today and so I’m late with alot of my posts. Among them, was a interview on Piers Morgan Tonight with Beyonce’, that every urban blog has probably shared by now.

In the chance that you haven’t seen the video now, check it out and tell me what you think. Beyonce’ talked about how she balances her relationship with Jay Z and keeps it separate from their careers, her definition of what is a “Diva“, and most notably on her own values that her mom taught her long ago. Read an excerpt on that, below:

Beauty fades and who you are from within is forever. Be a woman of your word and hard work. She is always correcting me and I feel like it doesn’t matter if you are the janitor or the President, everyone is the same. Making sure I keep my humility. I remember when we first had our single on the radio and I was starting to feel like I was hot. We were in the record store and she was talking to me and I started singing because I didn’t wanna hear whatever she was saying. I was about 15 and the song was playing on the radio and I’m like ‘yea’ and these guys were looking like ‘ouh that’s Beyonce!’ and I thought I was hot. She smacked the crap out of me in that store and sent me to the car. She said, ‘I don’t care what song you have on the radio, you are my child. You do not disrespect me!’ and I will never forget it.

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