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I don’t know about you guys, but I am sooooo tired of the ignorance when it comes to a particular group of people.  It’s gotten quite old, yet things seem  as if they won’t be letting up anytime soon.  Two things that recently caught my eye were of 1. an american soldier being booed at a GOP debate solely because he was gay, and 2.  Ann Coulter’s opinion on the recent execution of Troy Davis in Georgia.  Disgusting!!!

Seems that during last nights GOP Debate (that I missed) the audience decided to boo an active military serviceman because of his sexual orientation.  This comes just a couple of weeks after another GOP debate audience cheerfully applauded in approval Texa’s Gov. Rick Perry’s large number of executions.

Check out the video of “that” hot mess after the break.

Meanwhile, after author Ann Coulter made discusting comments on Twitter (which you can check out here) about deathrow inmate Troy Davis’ then upcoming death – and yes I say discusting since I am against the death penalty – she also took to her blog to voice her opinion on the whole matter.

Here’s just a taste of what she said:

It’s nearly impossible to receive a death sentence these days — unless you do something completely crazy like shoot a cop in full view of dozens of witnesses in a Burger King parking lot, only a few hours after shooting at a passing car while exiting a party.  That’s what Troy Davis did in August 1989. Davis is the media’s current baby seal of death row.

After a two-week trial with 34 witnesses for the state and six witnesses for the defense, the jury of seven blacks and five whites took less than two hours to convict Davis of Officer Mark MacPhail’s murder, as well as various other crimes. Two days later, the jury sentenced Davis to death.

Now the media claim that seven of the nine witnesses against Davis at trial have recanted.  First of all, the state presented 34 witnesses against Davis — not nine — which should give you some idea of how punctilious the media are about their facts in death penalty cases. [Read more here.]

Now, All I have to say is that my stomach has turned enough these last few weeks….  Im so glad it’s friday ya’ll. *rolls eyes*

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Shocking: Vesta Williams Found Dead

Starting just late last night, I started to notice various tweets and hear rumors of R&B singer Vesta Williams suddenly passing in Los Angeles at the age of 48.  Far too young to go so I didn’t want to believe it, and it seems it’s taken quite a while for any credible news outlet to confirm that this lovely lady has indeed died.  The story is still developing of course, yet EurWeb has already stated that the singer did pass away.

Details are sketchy at this time, but it’s being reported that the singer’s body was found in a Los Angeles hotel room.

The cause of death is unknown. She was 48

According to her listing in Wikipedia, Williams in 1963 in Coshocton, Ohio. She was originally credited by her full name, but she has also been billed as Vesta since the 1990s.

Although Williams never had any albums certified gold and never had any Top 40 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, she scored seven Top 20 R&B hits from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s.

My favorite and probably most notable song by Vesta was “Congratulations.”  I heard that she wrote this song herself and it came from a personal experience.  Beautiful lyrics…  enjoy the youtube link below.

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Miss Me??? :) Upcoming Updates & Hott Linkx


Hey Noir Gossip readers!!!  :) I know its been a very slow two and a half weeks here on Noirgossip regarding posts. Many readers have emailed, facebooked, and tweeted me regarding my absence. A few weeks ago I was on vacation, and upon returning – I fell ill. With a weakened immune system to begin with, pneumonia is the last thing you want to catch!  lol…Sorry for the delay, so much has went on and I have still been following those on my blogroll. I hope you have too :)

Good thing is that I am feeling far much better, so I think I can gradually start working on sharing the most popular gossip going on and things that have caught my eye. You all will notice within the next few weeks a few major changes on NoirGossip… including expanding topics, more interaction, menus and options. Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe if you haven’t already to get the scoop on all this as it happens, as well as upcoming contests for Holloween season. I’m very excited about my giveaways Ive got in store and you guys should be too.

Now… With all that out of the way, please check out some hot linkx from those on my Blogroll!! :)

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Is this HOT or a FLOP?? British Actor Idris Elba, who I’ve noticed has been dabbling in music for the longest time, just released his new music video for “Private Garden.” The R&B song is pretty self explanitory once you start to listen to the lyrics.

I’m still not sure what to make of the music, but I’d rather you guys give me your opinion of the whole thing.

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Angola’s Leila Lopes Wins Miss Universe

Yay!!! :)

I was too excited when I heard that Angola’s beautiful 25 year old Leila Lopes, won last night’s Miss Universe 2011 Pageant. She is truly a black beauty!!

This is the first time in 13 years that any young lady from the continent of Africa has won this prestegous crown, so a huge congrats goes out to this chica.

Stunning!!! :)

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Bobbi Kristina Sings…

Okay, here is Whitney Houston and Bobbi Brown’s mini-me daughter. I just have one request and that’s that you tell me… Does Bobbi Kristina’s singing abilities give her parents some justice, or did talent skip a generation?

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