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Did You Win Your Bet On The Kardashian Divorce??

Who didn’t see this stuff coming?  I have probably never giggled so much in my life about something so ridiculous.  Kim Kardashian left her basketball hubby Kris Humphries for perhaps greener pastures… or perhaps greener wallets *cough*, as she announced she was spliting with him after a short 2 1/2 month marriage.  So much for that fairytell 10 million dollar wedding that just took place 72 days ago, I’m sure everyone involved in that debacle besides the Kardashian family feels cheated and lied to right about now.

That’s what greed will do to ya, but what do I always preach here on NoirGossip – Marry for love, and nothing else if you want it to mean something.  So, I had to take a forced vacation for the last week and a half and this story alone has urged me to come back.  Fighting off the laughter as I just want to scream “I knew it wouldn’t last”, I’d love to hear what you guys think of Kim and her little news of irreconsilable differences that Kris claims he was blindsided about.  The developing story according to the folks over at TMZ is that all started to go downhill after Kris wanted to move back to Minnisota and his wife just refused to do so, yada yada yada.  But eh, I thought marriage was all about compromise as well.  Perhaps I’m wrong.

My opinion… all staged.  Just watch Kim’s show on E! and at the end of the season perhaps we will all see Kris chasing down his woman for all that it’s worth to save this ever- so- short relationship.  One thing is for certain: she knows how to kick a brother well while he is down.  Ponzy-schemes, lock outs, and now this?  lol… Read the rest of this entry

The good girl gone bad, Rihanna, is doing what she loves to do best… and that is jump from man to man in the public eye.  This time, she was spotted in London leaving a club with her ex bofriend, baseball player Matt Kemp.  The two had parted ways back in December of last year.

The way she bounces around makes me even tired…. Read the rest of this entry

I’m sorry but through all my years of going through security checkpoints inside airports, NEVER have I took off any expensive jewelry.  Why would anyone need to… it’s not pocket change???  Something just isnt right on the radar here…SMH.

Via TMZ, Kim Kardashian’s hubby Kris Humpfries used this very lame excuse when it came out that he almost lost his $10,000 Lorraine Schwartz designed wedding ring recently.  A real gold or silver wedding band  (in my head), would not set off TSA employees… and even if it did, they could take a look at it and THEN request to have it removed.  Otherwise, why even do so? *confused*

If anyone has heard of otherwise – as in having to take off real jewelry while walking through metal detectors – ahem, feel free to let me know.  Otherwise, he’s a douche. Read the rest of this entry


Guess what ya’ll? 

Someone who wishes to remain nameless, has offered to buy all rights to the imfamous Kim Kardashian and Ray J sex tape.  The anonomous person gave its reasons as that they only want to remove it permanately from the porn market and make sure that it’s never distrubuted again according to TMZ.

My question is… After millions of views already, why would someone want it to suddenly… Disappear???  As well as the sex tape, this person also wants rights to all unreleased footage that the public has never seen. 

This really has me scratching my head.   The tape is years old, so what is the reasoning of having it removed?  This makes me wonder if it is Kim wanting to buy the rights herself, so that perhaps she could clean up that part of her image that made her name household in the first place.  

Who do you guys think it is?? Holler at me after the jump… Read the rest of this entry

amber rose wiz khalifa


Awww…. just look at the two love birds.  They just could not keep their hands off of each other during last night’s MTV VMA’s!

I don’t know what it is, but this couple gets more believing to me every time I see them doing something new. They are indeed…. rubbing off on me. *cough*

How much PDA is too much. I’m not even sure, but at this time, I’m jealous and can’t wait to get my lips on my own, lol. Amber Rose tweeted about her boo Wiz Khalifa, and how she just loves mooching wheneva and whereva:

My Lil Fat Chunker Boy Love came to support me on the set today…. we made out every chance we had #LOVEISBEAUTIFUL :-)

Hmm.  I can’t hate this at all… lol.  Can you? Read the rest of this entry

Beyonce’s Pregnant!!!

I honestly didn’t think I’d hear this news for another two or three years….

BUT stans worldwide can celebrate because their babygirl Queen Beyonce announced she was pregnant at the MTV VMA’s tonight. She showed off her small bump first on the red carpet before working it out with her performance later.

MTV tweeted:

“OMG Beyonce just made a huge announcement on the #vma carpet! #baby!!!!!”

Nuff said :). I’m so happy for her and hubby Jay Z. Perhaps they will take an extended vacation after the baby’s born since we all know they are both workaholics lol.

Hmm ok, let the baby countdown begin!

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