Interested?? I’m not.

Yet, it seems that even though after being dead for 15 long years, Tupac Shakur’s name still has enough clout that online porn vendors are now bidding for a 5 minute tape of the rapper getting hiself serviced by a groupie. The last price tag I heard…… a cool $150,000 to start from a guy that owns

Starring B-Money from Digital Underground, 2pac, and the newest ameuter porn star, the video will definitely be one of the most famous, scandelous, and shortest celebrity sex tapes if indeed released, my opinion.

TMZ‘s own description of the sexual servicing Tupac recieved just cracked me up.  For the most part if your interested, the tape starts in a homelike setting, in a living room.  Tupac is already ready for the job to be done, as he casually walks in with his pants already down to his ankles, both hands in use with a drink and perhaps a blunt, and seemingly already erect, lol.. Tupac picks his groupie of choice and hints at her to get started on her duties all the while, wiggling and dancing to his own music which is playing in the background.

Hilariously, Money B comes in the picture, and hangs all over Tupac’s shoulders.  They both sing and dance while the woman never quits doing, well….. you know.  Just as they are about to do the nasty, the tape convienently ends.

Are any of you guys willing, curious, or disgusted with the relelation that Tupac’s tape is coming out?  What do you think about the bidding, and how much do you think such a tape is really worth?

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Cold Case: Who Shot Tupac – 14 Years Later

“I swear, if they hadn’t tried to ruin me, I never would have ended up being a rapper. I probably would have been a preacher or something.”Tupac Shakur

September 13th marked the 14 year anniversary of the death of Tupac Amaru Shakur.  I personally believe this man was the greatest and most influential lyricist we have had in the rap game ( and my first crush, hehe).  I have often expressed to people he was the only man who could have made me a rappers groupie, and I remember what I was doing and where I was at when he passed away as a young 16 year old teenager.  His legacy after his death now includes music being inducted into the Library of Congress, foundations opened in his name, and his writings being studied at several universities across the United States.  Although he was someone often misunderstood, and seemed to love drama – he never claimed to be perfect, and his music continues to live on.  He is truly a legend.

I often ponder personally about who Tupac’s murderer was, and if he will ever be caught.  First, lets take a look back at what happened on that fateful day. Read the rest of this entry